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Andras Bacsai

Andras Bacsai

The small decision, the big change.

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The small decision, the big change.

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Andras Bacsai
Β·May 17, 2021Β·

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Table of contents

  • Hey πŸ‘‹
  • Thinking about services πŸ€”
  • So let's get started, right? 🀩
  • Decision made! πŸ‘
  • Conclusion 🏁

Hey πŸ‘‹

It's been a while since my last post. So many things have happened since then.

  • Released 8 new versions of Coolify.
  • Talked to a lot of interesting people on Twitter!
  • Had a small giveaway on Twitter of Sara Vieira's book called Opinionatedreact - Worth reading!
  • Contacted by other VCs to have a chat about Coolify (still not interested in VCs, sorry).

But there was an even more important thing that happened.

Thinking about services πŸ€”

You probably know that with Coolify, next to the application/database deployments, I also would like to make services to be easily installable and manageable on your own servers. But since I've published the first version, there were no services available. Until now!

When I started thinking of Coolify, I thought of services like apps that I personally write. Why? I love coding, so why not?

I was thinking of creating an user analytics tool, which is privacy-focused, super lightweight embed script on the frontend, pretty charts, open-source, self-hostable. I had already written this before when I was still working at my previous job, but I had to take it down, because of some reasons....

So let's get started, right? 🀩

Yes and no. I'm following Marko Saric since he and Uku TΓ€ht since they started doing Plausible Analytics. They have a similar niche as me!

And one day, it struck in my mind like a lightning strike: They are literally doing the same!! Privacy-focused, lightweight embed script, pretty charts, etc.

Why wouldn't I create a button that will magically install an instance of it?? (I love one-click buttons that do a lot of things behind the scenes. 😁)

Decision made! πŸ‘

If there is already a solution for a specific problem out in the wildness, which stands for the same principles as coolLabs: why should I spend time to recreate a similar one? With this thinking, I could focus on creating applications that do not have already available with these principles.

Conclusion 🏁

I will focus more on executing my vision than some selfish thing to write every application myself!

If you would like to follow my journey or get updates regarding my side-projects, you can find me on Twitter! I'm open to any questions, suggestions, roasts, negative comments! 😁

Or if you would like to support my work, buy me a ko-fi, I would highly appreciate it! πŸ™

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