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(re)Boot my side-project

(re)Boot my side-project

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Andras Bacsai
·Sep 16, 2020·

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Table of contents

  • What's my side-project about?
  • How exactly it's helping people?
  • How I try to achieve this?
  • Why I stopped working on it?
  • What kind of apps & services?

The first questions you may ask are - "Why it needs a reboot? Why you stopped it? I never heard of you; what side-project are you talking about?". Great questions.

I try to answer them in this post.

What's my side-project about?

It's about building open-sourced, privacy-focused applications and services: nothing world savior, just simple things.

You probably ask:

There are plenty of projects/companies with similar notions, then why You, a single person, would like to do it as well? They probably have more time/money/skill.

Yeah, you are right.

I love helping people, coding & creating something from nothing. That's enough motivation for me to work on this project despite the odds.

How exactly it's helping people?

It would give people alternatives to choose from. They don't sacrifice their data for an application or service, to live in the current technologically advanced world.

How I try to achieve this?

By not just publishing products & provide a hassle-free version, but:

  1. Provide a simplified way to host all of them for yourself.
  2. Be fully open-sourced.
  3. Be respectful of your data & privacy.
  4. Allow the community to influence them.

(You can read some details @

Why I stopped working on it?

In short - My previous employer does not allow me to work on it in my free time. (somber face)

In long - it deserves another blog post!

What kind of apps & services?

All kinds of. Some examples:

  1. Coolify - which is like if Heroku & Netlify would have a child. It allows you to focus on the code by taking off the burden of hosting difficulties but still keeps everything in your control.

Currently refactoring to be able to open-source it fully.

  1. coolAnalytics - A privacy-centric user & error analytics for your web apps & sites.

It's already published once, but so many things changed, and I learned a lot since then, so I'll rewrite it.

  1. coolNote - Simple note-taking application.

Published too, but it will be rewritten as well.

(Yeah, I don't put much effort into the names. :D)

I want to write down my journey with this and probably other projects.

Also, I will write technical posts and kinds of stuff while doing so.

If you are interested in, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter here.

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