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Andras Bacsai

I've set HackerNews on fire! πŸ”₯

I've set HackerNews on fire! πŸ”₯

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Andras Bacsai
Β·Apr 5, 2021Β·

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Table of contents

  • Sunny morning β˜€
  • Cloudy afternoon β›ˆ
  • Why is this related to the fire πŸ”₯?
  • What if I post Coolify?
  • What happened next?
  • Conclusion
  • What happened on the next days?
  • Summary

I never thought I ever do such a thing. It was an outstanding feeling! πŸ˜€

HackerNews link


  • In top 5 for 20+ hours.
  • 334 points, 112 comments.
  • ~60k visitors on the landing page.
  • +800 Github stars - and still counting.
  • +300 Twitter followers - and still counting.

What did I do to achieve this? Nothing.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day. 😁

If you are still here, you can read the full story below. Enjoy - I guess; you will understand why I'm saying this.

Sunny morning β˜€

The day started as a normal day. Woke up, take care of kids, one in home-school, the other one in home-kindergarten, my wife home-working as well as me - you know, just a normal day during lockdown and this COVID thing what everybody talks about.

Working normally with a laptop on my lap, trying to code, talking with colleagues with one hand, and building a toy train with my other hand. πŸ’» πŸ“±πŸš„

Everything was OK until someone called me on the phone in the afternoon.

Cloudy afternoon β›ˆ

It was my mom. One of my relatives was between life and death due to COVID. I was shocked. I know she got symptoms a week before, but not that she is in this terrible state. I was shattered.

Why is this related to the fire πŸ”₯?

While I was in this state, I decided to start doing something because I could not help her, so I would like to think of something else.

Started coding -> It was painful - I could not concentrate.

Started reading things online -> Kinda distracts me and my brain from the situation.

I ended up on HackerNews, reading through submissions.

And the like a lightning strike from nowhere. ⚑

What if I post Coolify?

So yeah, that's how it happened. I decided to post Coolify because why not? Without any prior research/marketing/followers/blabla/anything, like when to post it to get more attention (timezones), how to write a catchy title (it already has one btw), etc.

Just posted it.

What happened next?

It literally blew up! πŸ’₯

Why? No idea. After an hour or two, It was still going up, like a train.

It was in the top 5 for 20+hours

I wasn't ready for this. Especially not mentally. Answering comments - and especially negative ones - were not what I would like to do in this state. But I somehow managed it.

It boosted my feeling pretty much.


What I learned by publishing Coolify to the world and posting on HackerNews could be summarized in one tiny e-book... I wonder how long it does take to write it down. πŸ€”

Oh, wait. I already did it! And it's FREE! 😁

You can download it from here

What happened on the next days?

Not just my online presence has grown a bit, but these happened as well, which are insane!

Featured in a blog post by Adnan Issadeen

Thanks, Adnan! πŸ™

Appeared in a newsletter by Simon Plenderleith:


Thanks, Simon! πŸ™

In a Twitter thread by Sebastien Lorber:

Thanks, Sebastien! πŸ™

And you won't believe this.

I even got an email from an American venture capital to tell me about my vision of Coolify and talk about a partnership. 🀯




This meme summarizes everything.

Thanks to Tom Hanks for the communicative memes.

If you would like to follow my journey or get updates regarding my side-projects, you can find me on Twitter! I'm open to any questions, suggestions, roasts, negative comments!

Or if you would like to support my work on coolLabs, buy me a ko-fi!

My relative is a bit better, but still in that state. 😒

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