I'm leaving my job... again. But it's different now!

TLDR: I quit my job to become an Indie hacker and pursue my dreams!


Almost two years ago, I wrote an article that I left my job at IBM.

It was one of the best decisions I've made in my career. Not just because I've got a way higher salary (€1200 vs €5200 per month), but the fact that I can work on my side projects freely was a significant benefit on its own.

Why do I leave now?

The answer should be simple, like:

  • New challenges?
  • Higher salary?

Unfortunately, the answer is not that straightforward in my case.

I'm leaving because I want to find out who I am!

I'm 33. I own a flat with my family of 4 without a mortgage. We don't buy useless things we know we will use once or twice and then sit in a cupboard until it evaporates. We have everything we need. We can even donate a lot of money to others who are not as lucky as we are and still be able to save money in the bank.

We have a lucky and blessed life!

In the past two years, so many things have changed in the world (I won't list them, it's too long), and I changed with them.

The first sign of something changed in me was a year ago when I started to feel it, and it probably built up inside me.

Money got secondary in my life. I prefer to experience things and improve myself along the way than chasing money and a career. I want to be with my kids, do something I love and passion about, and last but not least:

Enjoy our short life and make the most out of it!!

It sounds a bit cliche - probably I'm writing because I'm getting old - but it is true. So true.

How to start my journey?

Before I started thinking about quitting, I sat down in my chair and started to make a plan.

What things would I want to try out in my life and inches my head for a long time but never started?

So like a bucket list, or as we call it in Hungarian: a Boot list.

First, I have written down a few things, but after a few days, the list blew up - not literally. The most important points are:

Get self-confidence.

I have had self-confidence for a VERY long time (since I was 16), and I would like to change that because it is frustrating and tedious to live like this.

Improve my health & body.

I walk daily (around 5-6kms, not much), but my body still shows signs that I need a change! I need to change my mentality.

"If you don't build your dreams, someone else hires you to build theirs."

I want to build my dreams! I see the possibility with my side-project, Coolify. It is getting more and more attention, generates revenue, and new people/businesses are trying it out every day. It makes me confident that it is worth trying it full-time.


As my side projects are not financially sustainable, I will also try some freelance work here and there to fill the salary gap. I do not need much to be sustainable as I live in a country where life is cheap.

Small Bets

Other than these, I would like to try making video content creation and other smaller things. It will hopefully improve my self-confidence, and I would love to make creative things, although I'm not a creative person at all.


So at 2022.07, I quit my job and started my indie hacking journey! 🥳

I have enough money in the bank for several months, even 1-2 years (my wife has a stable income).

I have a GAME PLAN, things I would like to achieve/start doing! So what could go wrong? Well, everything. 😅

I'm in the best phase of my life to try out myself and my potential as an indie hacker!

If it does not work out as I imagined, I can still find a remote job and stable income.

. . . .

But what if it does work out?!


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