Do you really need friends?

Do you really need friends?


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This is not the kind of a usual blog post I usually write; I really would like to dump my thoughts/feelings out of my head.

So, do we really need friends?

I'm a somewhat introverted person; maybe that's why I think no.

Ofc a good friend can boost your general feeling of being happy and how you are viewing the world, especially on these hard days.

Even though I have a family of four, and the fact that I love to be with them, I really love to be alone with my thoughts.

(Which is a very rare situation nowadays; thanks, pandemic ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜)

Why I don't have IRL friends?

(IRL means you can often meet in real life; I have some friends online but have had no IRL friends for ~5 years now)

Small context: I had a family way earlier than them. Prioritization changed ofc. I was home office for years before this COVID thing, so I could be part of my children's daily lives, see them grow up, etc. They are my life.

I do not want to get into details, but there was some misunderstanding between my ex-friends and me, which we could not discuss. They only acknowledged their part but could not understand mine.

Sometimes I feel pretty bad that I don't have friends, and it's hard that I cannot do anything about it (I tried several times).

I'm happy 99% of the time, but some days are worse the same way for everybody. I'm good atm too, but I'm interested in if I'm the only one out there thinking like this.

So the question to all out there reading my post:

Do you really need friends? Please leave a comment below and let me know your opinion!

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